Oct 31, 2005 10:55 am


Fine. I am prejudiced. I adore Bill Gates and I grew up in Haifa. But this paragraph gladened my heart:

"Israel is a major player in the high tech world, which explains the considerable contribution of the country not only in the field of high tech startups but also through the R&D centers for companies like Microsoft, Intel and Motorola. We're super-satisfied with the contributions of our R&D center in Haifa," Gates said, referring to Microsoft Israel, which employs 400 people and focuses on marketing, sales and R&D."The quality of the people here is quite fantastic."

Yes, they are and long years of war and terror have failed to break their unique spirit.

Kenneth Levin agrees but worries:

Despite almost sixty years of being under siege Israel has created a free, vibrant, and creative society. The question is whether Israel can continue nurturing what it has built as means to true change in the Arab world or will Israeli's, in their search for a genuine peace, continue to grasp at delusions of peace that will threaten everything they have created?

I do not know the answer but I know that Jews in Israel remain Jews. They are the stubborn and stiffnecked who are doing what Jews have always done. They are refusing either to commit suicide or lose hope.

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