Oct 27, 2005 2:22 am


Jamil Ziabi has had it with conspiracy theories. He really lets it rip.

Here is Iraq weeping day and night as a result of the terrorist acts of elements coming from the Arab and Islamic borders to publicly slay Arab and Islamic souls; to bomb cars and kill children, widows, and innocents only. Despite that, there are some dinosaurs among us that still insist that this is resistance against an occupant and a struggle to fend off the lurking assault.

How can we believe those who express trivial justifications and vain pretexts? The victims in Iraq are Iraqis, and in Saudi Arabia Saudis, and in Lebanon Lebanese, and in all places have Arabs and Muslims among them?

Mehlis' report came to add another story of the stupidity of the Arab offensive schemes, which are being secretly drawn and publicly disclosed. Here is a General that forces"Abou Adas" (the series trap) to record a tape, in which he assumes full responsibility of the assassination of Rafik Hariri. He recorded the assassination tape 45 days before its due execution date. The assassination motives, as Abou Adas mentioned, are that Hariri represented the Saudi regime. Thus, he killed him to avenge the martyrs who were killed in the Arab island. Through a brief reading of this"Adasi" message, the terrorist act was aimed at the victim (Hariri) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and was intended to disturb the Saudi-Lebanese relations and stir up a new turmoil in the region.

Read the entire piece. I suspect the feelings he expresses are not his alone. But the Arab powers that be are not listening. The useless Arab League still engage in doublespeak. It expressed"full solidarity with Lebanon and its legitimate right to determine its future as a free and independent Arab country and in promoting historic ties with Syria based on mutual respect." But it"does not see any logic or legitimacy in imposing any sanctions on Syria based on charges stemming from an ongoing investigation" and"warned that sanctions would have negative consequences on the region."

Sorry, Mr. Ziabi, responsibility is the one thing they are determined to avoid.

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