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Oct 18, 2005 5:21 pm

Egalitarianism, Austro-Athenian Style

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

Few would describe Aristotle as an egalitarian philosopher; and few would describe libertarianism as an egalitarian political theory. In two newly published pieces I commit both these heresies.

The latest (October 2005) issue of The Freeman carries my article"Liberty: The Other Equality." (This article is a companion piece to my 2001 lecture Equality: The Unknown Ideal.)

Mogens Herman Hansen's The Imaginary Polis, the proceedings volume for the Copenhagen Polis Centre conference described here, has just been published; it contains my article"Aristotle's Egalitarian Utopia." So far the collection's not available for purchase through any of the ordinary online venues, but those eager for a copy can go to this link, type the phrase"imaginary polis" (without quotation marks) in the"Title" field, hit the higher of the two"Search now" buttons, hit"Add to basket," and then hit"Shopping list" on the left. (No, I can't link directly to the title. Yes, the Royal Danish Academy's website sucks.)

Both articles turn on the idea that equality in authority is a more fundamentally important kind of equality than either socioeconomic equality or equality before the law.

In other news, the Alabama Philosophical Society website, cui magister sum, has a revised schedule and updated location info for our conference this coming weekend. Be there or B2!

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chris l pettit - 10/18/2005

given our discussion below, i am greatly looking forward to reading the articles and hopefully contributing some constructive comments...