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Oct 13, 2005 2:56 pm

New UNLV Hoppe-Bash?

I do wonder if the"Pursuing Academic Freedom in a Time of Crisis" conference was intentionally scheduled for a time when Hans Hoppe was out of the country. Hoppe is lecturing at a conference in Lithuania. Christina Littlefield in today's Las Vegas Sun says that the
" conference is free and open to the public. The conference runs from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday in the Richard Tam Alumni Center. For more information or to register for the panel discussions, visit"
As Littlefield points out,
"The UNLV professor who started a ruckus over academic freedom was not invited to Friday's conference on the topic. Economics professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, whose showdown with administrators sparked the"Pursuing Academic Freedom in a Time of Crisis" conference, said he was miffed not to be formally included but glad his colleagues were continuing the debate. Hoppe quietly fought university administrators for a year over comments he made in a spring 2004 lecture before teaming with the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada in February 2005 and going public with his case."
Littlefield says, in an article about the conference, that:
The role of tenure is one of the issues being discussed Friday during UNLV's first conference on academic freedom. The conference was sparked by nationwide controversies last spring, including attempts by UNLV administrators to censure economics professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The criticism that swirled around Hoppe... fueled debates about tenure, academic freedom and academic responsibility, said Jonathan Knight, chairman of the American Association of University Professors tenure and academic freedom division. Tenure is supposed to allow professors to say things that are politically incorrect without their having to worry about repercussions from their employers, Knight said.
You can send a letter to the Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Review-Journal or to the UNLV Rebel Yell (campus student newspaper)
Just a thought.
Just Ken
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Kenneth R Gregg - 10/15/2005

I'm glad to hear that your conference went well. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the UNLV event so I can't give you an update on it.
Just a thought.
Just Ken

David T. Beito - 10/15/2005

Oddly enough this was at the same time as our (quite successful) Bankhead Conference on Academic Freedom at the University of Alabama which featured such speakers as David French of FIRE and Donald Downs. I hadn't heard of the UNLV affair, however.