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Oct 10, 2005 1:16 pm

Miers As Waffler

From John Fund:

Ms. Miers's record is one of initially supporting a conservative position and then abandoning it.

Ms. Miers was originally part of a council majority that urged Congress to repeal the Wright Amendment, a law that restricts flights from Dallas Love Field. Southwest Airlines and free-market advocates had long attacked the restriction as favoritism toward American Airlines, which has a hub at Dallas-Fort Worth International. Ms. Miers reversed her position after 10 months.

Finally, a 1990 budget crunch forced the Dallas City Council to consider a property tax increase. Ms. Miers cast the deciding vote. Mr. Bartos, who had proposed an alternate plan for 5% across-the-board spending cuts on all departments except the police, was bitter that almost all of the proposed $900,000 budget increase was slated for library and arts funding rather than public safety.

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Kenneth R Gregg - 10/13/2005

Yes, that's my opinion about Miers from what I've read of her so far, David. If a person by the age of 60 has not expressed a clear vision (that ol' "vision thing" that Bush I had such a problem with), it's unlikely it's going to suddenly appear overnight.

Just a thought.
Just Ken

David T. Beito - 10/11/2005

Hmmm.....perhaps you could look at it that way but this behavior seems to be part of a more general pattern of a person who has no real ideological core.

Mark Brady - 10/10/2005

Why does this make Miers a waffler? She changed her vote but that is not the same thing as waffling.

Footnote. It would have been better if Dallas city council had cut spending to avoid increasing property taxes. That said, if they're going to spend more, I think I'd rather they spend it on libraries and arts than the police, if only because increased spending on "public safety" would all too likely mean a reduction in public safety at the hands of the police more vigorously enforcing victimless crime laws.