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May 8, 2006 4:30 pm

The 2005 Cliopatria Awards Nominations:


Please submit, in comments below, your nominations for the best single post on a history blog (since 1 December 2004). [registration not required, but the usual rules of civility and conduct still apply] Nominations will be accepted from November 1st through 30th.

Please include an URL for the post. Author and title would also be helpful. You may make multiple nominations in this category, and/or nominate your candidates in other categories.

If you want ideas of posts or writers to nominate, see the History Blogroll or past editions of the History Carnival. If you're not sure whether a post or blogger qualifies as"history," nominate them anyway and the judges will make a final determination. If you have questions, feel free to contact the chair of the committee:

Judging Committee: Manan Ahmed (chair), Adam Kotsko, and Brian Ulrich. [Judges are ineligible to win awards they are judging, but feel free to nominate them for something else!]

Go To: Awards Index, Group Blog, Individual Blog, Newcomer, Series of Posts, Writing.

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Jonathan Dresner - 12/1/2005

Thanks to all who nominated; it's up to the judges, now. We'll report back in January!

Andy B - 11/30/2005

That map link was a bit long - try this for the map link

Andy B - 11/30/2005

I nominate "Alex's intrepid Megalithic Tour through Croatia and Bosnia" as the best overall blog post.

Alex describes his own explorations through Eastern Croatia and parts of Bosnia, covering many prehistoric locations that will be new to an English language audience.

I am not aware that this subject been published in English about outside an academic journal, making it an unique and original post.

The above post serves as an introduction to the online gazetteer he has created of the sites he has researched. Each entry includes a description, many photographs and an accurate GPS reference of each location:

You can also explore these sites using an interactive map interface, thanks to the Megalithic Portal's internal map engine:;img.y=319&mode=browse&layer=outcrop&layer=henge&layer=track&layer=village&layer=longbarrow&layer=barrow&layer=tomb&layer=ss&layer=scr&layer=art&layer=cave&layer=fort&layer=hillfort&layer=well&layer=symbolstone&layer=temple&layer=cross&layer=figure&layer=museum&layer=modern&layer=major_roads&zoomdir=1&zoomsize=2&imgxy=300.0+300.0&imgext=-216266.666667+-1097866.666666+1143733.333333+262133.333334&

Alex is a native German speaker

Sharon - 11/23/2005

This from Craig Colbeck at Frog in a Well Japan:

An exemplary use of blogging as a 'first draft' of scholarship, to explore ideas, get feedback and stimulate discussion. And a fascinating subject.

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Alun Salt - 11/17/2005

Thoughtful, concise and with plenty of comments. It shows what you can do with a Blog post that you wouldn't with a paper.

Andrew Israel Ross - 11/15/2005

A recent post, but awesome nontheless, I'd like to nominated "Strangers on a Train" at The Rhine River.

Kyle Babcock - 11/11/2005

One of the best posts I have read in a while.

Janice Ingram - 11/8/2005

Each is from my favorite history Blog about my town. Historic Pelham

Pelham and the Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor

The Zeppelin Hindenburg Thrilled Pelham Before Its Fiery Crash in 1937

Pelham's Only Known Example of a Home Designed by Master Architect William A. Bates

In 1909 Fear of "Sharp Lawyers" Prompted Cancellation of the Pell Family's "Fatt Calfe" Ceremony

Thank you!

Ralph Luker - 11/7/2005

Your assumption is correct, Hiram. Judges of a particular category are ineligible for an award in that category; and Cliopatria is ineligible for an award in the group blog category. But posts or series of posts or writing at Cliopatria are eligible for the awards, so long as the author of them is not a judge in that category.

Sharon Howard - 11/6/2005
From Jason Kuznicki.
(May also have been posted at Liberty & Power?)

anon - 11/6/2005

Caleb McDaniel: HT Skim

Hiram Hover - 11/2/2005

His "Blogging in the Early Republic" was posted at Common-place rather than Mode for Caleb, but I don't think that should disqualify this wonderful piece from consideration in this category.

Also -- his post "The First Twenty Minutes," which was posted at Mode for Caleb (it was x-posted at Cliopatria, but again, I don't see why that should exclude it from consideration).

Sharon Howard - 11/1/2005

I'm going to kick off with Rob Macdougall's lovely post about automata, from January. Link-rich, well-written, wide-ranging, educational and entertaining - what more could you ask for?

(But I can promise I'll be back with more later. Boy, am I glad I'm not judging this category.)