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Oct 5, 2005 7:05 pm

What Does ASU Plan To Do Next? Bring Back "Negro Night?"

Arizona State University has adopted a touchy feely version of Jim Crow for its minority students. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reports that ASU "is currently offering two segregated sections of a freshman English course, under the Orwellian moniker “Rainbow Sections.”

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Sudha Shenoy - 10/5/2005

I assumed too quickly that one course was 'blacks' only. It is for 'native Americans' only. Same difference (as Americans would say): the same principles apply. -- To put it bluntly, we have the same situation here in Oz: privileges for 'aborigines' only. -- Only problem: who's an 'aborigine'? Especially after some 220 years of migration? Eg, there are no 'full-blood' Tasmanians left...

Sudha Shenoy - 10/5/2005

I am outraged. What is the criterion for entering the course in 'black' English? Skin colour? Who decides? How black is 'black'? This is the same principle as apartheid in South Africa -- when they had minute classifications & categories for all manner of skin colour. Is the other course open to all?