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Sep 12, 2005 12:33 am

Trumpets and Flourishes, Please, Part I

A not a very well-kept secret is that there will be a panel on History Blogging at January's 120th annual convention of the American Historical Association in Philadelphia. Rick Shenkman of History News Network and POTUS will chair the panel. It will include Manan Ahmed of Chapati Mystery, David Beito of Liberty & Power, Juan Cole of Informed Comment, and my own Cliopatriarchritudinous self, but I suspect that Sharon Howard of Early Modern Notes, who will make her first trip to the United States to be on the panel, may steal the show.

The Cliopatricians and friends will adjourn from the session for our Third Annual Banquet. Actually, our First Annual Banquet had to be canceled because I became ill at the last minute. [ed.: really, you'd rather not know.] But you can see some of the usual suspects gathered in Seattle for our Second Annual Banquet last January. We're fortunate this year because Alan Allport is on the Local Arrangements Committee for the convention and is drafting its recommendations for the best places to eat in Philadelphia. The convention session will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday 7 January. I expect that every history blogger at the session will be acknowledged. It will be a great opportunity to meet each other; so, make your plans now. Be there or be square.

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Julie A Hofmann - 11/1/2005

Sharon, I sympathise. People. It's the Ashes. Historic (and minty-fresh?) trouncing of Aussies. ;-)

David Lion Salmanson - 9/15/2005

Give me a budget and a style and I'll match you up proper here in Philly. For cheap eats, it's Vietnamese. For moderate eating with excellent beverages, go fo the mussels, fries, and belgian beer at Monks. Of course, there are a lot of us around so a place that can accommodate big parties easily is key. Philly's best tend to be small BYOBs. Going upscale? It doesn't get much better than Fork, although a big party is a tough sell there. Of course, if I had my way, you'd take the trolley to Germantown (or I'd haul people in my minivan) and we'd eat Ethopian down the street from my house. Or at Gechee Girl, a joint that specializes in heirloom Carolina gold rice dishes in honor of His Southerness.

Rebecca Anne Goetz - 9/12/2005

I think it has to do with cricket. There was a game (or a test?) and England or somebody English won??

Sharon Howard - 9/12/2005

What, me?

Good stuff this rioja.

Ralph E. Luker - 9/12/2005

Has her nibs been in her cups?

Sharon Howard - 9/12/2005

9am on a Saturday morning? I don't think I'll be stealing *anything* much...

And whaddya mean, the title of this comment doesn't have anything to do with the content? Do you think I care right now?

Rebecca Anne Goetz - 9/12/2005

Only a job interview could drag me away!