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Sep 19, 2008 11:36 pm

APB--Still not accounted for

Among the individuals about whom we still seek ANY information:
Pamela Smith (dept. sec'y)
Chris Brochyus (student worker)
Darlene Oliver (Hebert Hall custodian)

Jeff James (prof. emeritus)

Laura Kelley
Meg Keenan
Terrence Fitzmorris
Bill Meneray

Reginald Spann
Dan Brown
Anna Ross Twichell

Laura Bass (Span and Port.)
Hortensia Calvo (LAL)
Terry Toulouse (Eng.)
Michael Zimmerman (Philos.)

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Erika Hosselkus - 9/4/2005

I know that David Dressing spoke with Hortensia Calvo earlier this week. She was safe in Houston at that time.