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May 6, 2006 3:47 pm

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Trump and Stewart are trying to keep it under wraps, that the Sorcerer (Dick Cheney)'s Apprentice (George W.) may be auditioning for their shows.

The question is, what job to Apprentice him into, and should we wait 3 more years?

George again showed his incredible ineptitude as a Sorcerer-in- Training by his neglect of the situation in America while he was off chasing Dragons of Mass Destruction (DMDs) in Iraq.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, George has left for Washington, leaving Cindy forlorn and alone. Take that, Bitch!

Rumor has it that George is reconditioning John Kerry's old Vietnam Swift Boat, for patrol duty along the Mississippi. The President-in-Apprenticeship, feels certain that Bennie Ladin is lurking somewhere along the broken levees. The WMDs, it seems, were right here in America all along.

It appears George has commissioned a new song, " I Took the Swift Boat to the Levee, and the Levee Wasn't Dry," to be bellowed from the speakers on his boat 24/7 as part of a "shock and awe" strategy that will cause Bennie to beg for "The Sounds of Silence." This is all part of the modern technological tools of war dreamed up by Rummy, to save us from having to recruit more soldiers.

One hopes that The Donald, and the irrepressible Martha, can teach Georgie a thing or two, since his Daddy and the Silver Fox, apparently never were able to do so.

What job do you think George ought to be apprenticed into, remembering he failed in the oil business, was bailed out into baseball, and appears to have had some problems running the country, even with Dick's help? I would suggest, let's vote on it, but the American
people have already done that twice, and even in George's version of baseball, "three strikes and your out."

How about as a singer? Think of him in a duet of "Old Man River," with the old Commie, Paul Robeson, "tote that barge, lift that bale, I no longer drink whisky so I can't land in jail." Or, maybe, as a professional cyclist, or as a preacher with Pat Robertson as Billy G fades into the sunset?

Meanwhile the folks who faced Katrina, without the recommended work on the levees having been done, need to brace for what the Apprentice has told us will be a very long recovery.

Thanks, George!

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