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Jan 11, 2007 3:07 am

A new low in shameless self-promotion...

...because it's all about me. I was listening in the car to some NPR report about Katrina, and almost drove off the road when one of them asked one of the others how well the political leaders are"dealing with" the disaster. As if being a governor were somehow like being a superhero. I wrote something on this a couple years ago for a Hoover Institute volume called Liberty and Hard Cases - the essay is Liberty, Policy, and Natural Disasters (this is a PDF), and perhaps you'll find it a propos reading. Because it's all about me.

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Mac - 9/1/2005

Intellectually drafted article. seems to grab attention at once.The writer has a good knowledge of the subject and makes reading interesting.

kgregglv - 8/31/2005

Glad to see you quoting Michael Taylor's "The Possibility of Cooperation." I consider it one of the classics on the subject. Also glad to see you in one of the Hoover Institute Online Books: It's a good source of information which I occasionally delve.
Just Ken