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Aug 26, 2005 10:22 am

No Real Debate on Iraq

In yesterday's Washington Times Terry Michael, founder and director of the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism, points to an important reason why more Americans are destined to unnecessarily die in Iraq.

In his column titled The non-debate on the war: Media shuns legitimate discourse Michael writes, “Until major newspapers and networks permit proponents of ending the war now to be taken seriously, Americans will hear no meaningful debate about whether it is in our national interest. The current non-debate is about tactics for muddling on through, rather than purposeful discourse to decide whether to stay or go. My bet is that most editors and producers will prefer to remain properly housebroken. It's less messy to propagate power than to question it."

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Sheldon Richman - 8/28/2005

A remarkably good article, especially considering that it was in the Washington Times.