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Apr 7, 2012 9:20 am

Week of April 9, 2012


Monday, April 9

Decoding Christianity: Flesh and Blood

Smithsonian Channel, 1pm EST

Follow the Smithsonian Channel as they travel from Ireland to the Philippines in an attempt to decode the symbolism of the Crucifixion and the Christian fascination with physical suffering.

History in HD: Shooting Iwo Jima

Smithsonian Channel, 9pm EST

Meet forgotten hero Bill Genaust, who captured on film the flag-raising on Iwo Jima. Learn his story as told by his photo unit commander, the last living relative to remember him, and the photojournalist's own forceful, visceral footage of two of the fiercest battles in World War II.

Ten Things You Don’t Know About: George Patton

H2, 10pm EST

George S. Patton was WWII's greatest combat general. His armored troops rolled to stunning and important victories in North Africa and Europe. But Patton suffered from dyslexia, he never wore those pearl-handled pistols, and he was even an international contraband smuggler. Maverick historian David Eisenbach uncovers Patton's secrets. [From H2] Premiere

Tuesday, April 10

America’s Book of Secrets: West Pointe

H2, 6pm EST

West Point is where presidents, world leaders, and the Army's bravest officers are taught, trained and entrusted with some of the nation's most important secrets. There are secrets that few outside the academy know...until now.  Go inside the 200-year-old university to uncover the complex selection process, secret rituals and traditions and special training that each cadet experiences at the renowned institution of military might. [From H2]

Wednesday, April 11

Everyone loves the American classic To Kill A Mockingbird. American Masters presents an in-depth special on the author of the classic, Harper Lee and discovers how the novel came to be written.  First aired April 2, watch the full episode online from PBS at

*More full episodes of American Masters online at

Thursday, April 12

Secret Lives of the Apostles

NatGeo, 5pm EST

Before the church before the Gospels before the word Christian, there were the Apostles. This is their story. In three or four decades, the seeds of a global religion spread across the Roman Empire. In an age with no Internet, no mass media, no planes, trains or fossil fuel, how did it happen? NGC investigates the mysterious decades following Jesus death, and the group of 12 common men who traveled miles, risked their lives and sacrificed everything to spread Jesus' message. [From NatGeo]

*Followed at 6pm by Search for the Head of John the Baptist

Friday, April 13

Want to watch something to give you the chills? Check out Smithsonian Channel’s Titanoboa: Monster Snake online at

Saturday, April 14

Hitler’s Supercity

H2, 10am EST

This special takes a look at what Germany might have looked like had Hitler been able to rebuild the Germany in the way he desired, in the way that would be fit for this 1000-year Reich.  Working along side his chief architect, Albert Speer, the two created plans to rebuild all of Germany, namely Berlin (which, under Hitler, was to be renamed Germania).  Follow H2 experts into Nuremberg to recreate Zeppelin Field, and also see how these image experts digitally recreate the monuments Hitler had intended to build and dedicate to himself. 

*Followed at 11am EST with Third Reich: The Rise and at 1pm EST see Third Reich: The Fall.

Nazi Titanic

H2, 9pm EST

To the Nazis of WWII, film was a weapon used to justify murder and even genocide. Joseph Goebbels, the head of the Nazi propaganda machine, personally commissioned The Titanic; he saw it as a potent weapon in demonizing the English. In his pursuit of creating what was to be the Third Reich's cinematic masterpiece he was ruthless. He had the first director murdered and poured in unrivalled resources even bringing troops back from the front to use as extras. The film was intended to show German valor and Allied weakness, but when it was finished it portrayed an entirely different message. It had become an allegory for Nazism itself. There was an all too apparent parallel of a country heading towards its own iceberg and sinking. The story of the Nazi Titanic had an unpleasant sting in its tail. The boat used to play the Titanic in the film, the Cap Arcona, was sunk by allied bombers with an even greater loss of life than the original ship. [From H2] Premiere

Sunday, April 15

Titanic At 100: Mystery Solved

History Channel, 8pm EST

For two years, HISTORY has been working along side an expert team of scientists and engineers to answer the 100 year-old question, “How and why did the Titanic break apart and sink?”  Approaching a century since the Titanic sank into the icy waters of the North Atlantic, this two-hour documentary documents the mission, captures the high-tech mapmaking process, unveils astonishing pieces of never-before-seen wreckage and presents the expedition's unexpected findings. Premiere

*At 9am EST on History, check out Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces followed at 11am EST by Titanic’s Achilles Heel.

*Want more on Titanic? Check out Smithsonian Channel’s The Real Story: Titanic.  Full episode available online at




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