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Mar 6, 2012 7:53 pm

Farewell to Cliopatria

And so, after 8 1/4 years and over 1,100,000 visits, we bid farewell to Cliopatria. Before going, she wishes to thank her hosts at History News Network, Rick Shenkman and David Walsh, for their hospitality. She is also obliged to thank an extra-ordinarily talented group of historians and fellow-travelers who have been contributing editors or members of her group blog: Manan Ahmed, Alan Allport, Wendy Love Anderson, Aaron Bady, Ophelia Benson, Chris Bray, Timothy Burke, Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, David Carleton, Derek Catsam, Oscar Chamberlain, James Cobb, Jelani Cobb, Jonathan Dresner, Hala Fattah, Sterling Fluharty, Rebecca Goetz, Mark Grimsley, Kenneth Heineman, Brett Holman, Sharon Howard, Jonathan Jarrett, Robert KC Johnson, David Kaiser, Michael Kazin, Daniel Larison, Rachel Leow, Rob MacDougall, Bruce Mazlish, Caleb McDaniel, Scott McLemee, Wilson Moses, Taylor Owen, Thomas G. Palaima, Paula Petrik, Claire Potter, Jonathan Reynolds, Greg Robinson, Nathanael Robinson, Sage Ross, David Salmanson, Hugo Schwyzer, David Silbey, Mechal Sobel, Michael Tinkler, Dan Todman, William Turkel, Jeff Vanke, Sean Wilentz, and Sam Wineburg. Thanks, finally, to her readers and commenters. Thanks to you all.

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