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Aug 21, 2005 5:25 am

Jack Douglas' Essays

Essays by the sociologist, Jack D. Douglas, are now a new feature at The recent essay is entitled,"America's Raging Inflation: The Official Statistics Are The Standard Big Political Lies."

To go to the web site, Click Here.

The author of many books and articles, among them, The Myth of the Welfare State (1989, Jack is Professor Emeritus in Sociology at the University of California at San Diego.

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William Marina - 8/21/2005

Thanks for the comments on Jack's essay. I will be posting more at my web site in the weeks ahead.
I also caught that omission, and tried to call him about it, but he and Bev appear out of town today.
Your other comment is one that has been made by others in years past, but, in fairness, Jack tends to write these for a few old friends, and, I am the one who has urged him to let me put them on the web site. His approach to these more personally intended essays, in some ways reminds me of that of my old friend, WA Williams.

Mark Brady - 8/21/2005

Thanks for the link. So you and Jack Douglas are buddies from high school. He's done some interesting work on many topics, including the sociology of deviance. I was also interested to read his take on the present economic situation. However, I fear that the rigorous methods that distinguished his professional work are absent in his essay on inflation. I realize, of course, that he hasn't written an article for a refereed journal but a bit more rigor in his analysis and statistics would not have gone amiss.

Oh, and there's a typo. He writes thus: "The Fed is playing this deceitful trick on the world because it is secretly controlled by psychopaths, but because it is still terrified of what will happen if its massive Keynesian pump-priming Plan fails." I assume there's a "not" missing in the first clause.

That said, he raises some interesting ideas that deserve further discussion.