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Dec 1, 2011

Military History Carnival #29

Welcome to the December 1, 2011 edition of the Military History Carnival, covering the last three months of military history web goodness. This is MHC #29. Previous editions can be found here.

Many thanks to all the nominators. This is the largest MHC in quite a while.



Scott Manning presents The Strategic Importance of Stirling posted at Historian on the Warpath, saying, "This article looks at the strategic importance of Stirling to understand why Wallace and Murray decided to confront the invading English there in 1297."

Early Modern

Averrones presents "They shot at the skies": soldiers and firearms of 16th century posted at Sellswords, mercenaries and condottieri.

Nesher presents French Built Fake Paris to Fool German Bombers during WWI posted at Best Hoaxes and Pranks.

Drew Lindsay submitted "Rogers' Rangers Ice Capade," saying: "Eliot Cohen on the disastrous 1758 battle that fueled the legend of the pioneers of American special forces."

Andrew Heaton presents Why they Put Potatoes on Frederick the Great's Grave posted at MightyHeaton.com, saying, "An amusing article on why Frederick the Great, the brilliant Prussian strategist, is honored by contemporary Germans placing potatoes on top of his grave."

19th Century

Drew Lindsay submitted "John Brown's Blood Oath" saying: "Tony Horwitz traces the abolitionist's first campaigns of war and terror when he formed a Northern army to fight proslavery forces in Kansas."

Alan Flower presents The Tsars Army, an instrument of social mobility? posted at History and the Sock Merchant.

Mack Sigman presents Wilsons Creek, Wyeths Painting, and Memory posted at To the Sound of the Guns.

Christy Wain presents Secrets Buried at Fort Monroe posted at To the Sound of the Guns.

Ottens presents We Used to Fight "Wars of Whim" All The Time posted at Atlantic Sentinel, saying, "Libya is not the exception to the history of European warfare. Carefully prepared interventions and conflicts are."

Fëanor presents A Gibb In India posted at JOST A MON.

World War I

Brett Holman presents Teatime in the Trenches posted at Ghosts of 1914.

Fiona Robinson presents Teatime in the Trenches posted at Ghosts of 1914.

Fiona Robinson presents The Great War's Moving Picture Man posted at Ghosts of 1914.

World War II

Adam Randazzo presents September 1944 – Ph. M. Baker treating wounded German captive | John Baker's Warbook posted at John Baker's Warbook, saying, "Pictures from the United States Coast Guard USS Duane during WWII"

David Lippman submitted "September 1 & 2, 1939," saying: "I have added a new segment to my series on World War II, September 1 and 2, 1939."

Navy One presents Meeting Colonel Chesty Puller, USMC | posted at The Mellow Jihadi, saying, "A post on the humorous interaction between a husband and his wife's grandmother, who used to talk to Chesty Puller, legend of Marine Corps lore."

Brett Holman presents The Personal Side of Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory posted at Thoughts on Military History.

Jonathan Beard submitted "Arctic Convoys: The Worst Journey in the World."

Brett Holman presents Poemas del río Wang: Triangular letters posted at Poemas del río Wang.

Penny L. Richards presents June brides and D-Day posted at O Say Can You See?, saying, "D-Day and materlal culture on the homefront"

Cold War

Craig Swain presents Continental Air Defense- The DEW Line | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid posted at Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid, saying, "Part of a series discussing cold war era US Air Defense."

Craig Swain presents Continental Air Defense- The Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) posted at Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid, saying, "Another part of a series on Cold War era US Air Defense - this one focuses on SAGE."

Drew Lindsay submitted "How Richard Nixon Almost Won Vietnam," saying: "The 1972 Battle of An Loc proved that the president had found the key to victory."

Craig Swain presents The Naval War in the Falklands, Part 1 | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid posted at Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid.


Jonathan Beard submitted "Invading Afghanistan, Then and Now."

Jonathan Beard submitted "Climate."

Jonathan Beard submitted "Someone Else's Children."

Jonathan Beard submitted "A Hundred Years of Flying Leathernecks."

Thomas Snyder presents Hospital Ship “Op ten Noort” « Of Ships & Surgeons posted at Of Ships & Surgeons, saying, "I'm particularly proud of this one--the story is, I think, compelling, compellingly sad."

Jonathan Beard submitted "Unlikely Refuges," saying: "How the US Army ends up preserving endangered forests."

Larry A. Grant presents The Last American to Die posted at PEN & SWORD ~ to each its appointed role.

Jonathan Beard submitted "Myth of the Modern Religious War" saying "pray for peace, but pass the ammunition."

Will Pratt presents Drugging Soldiers: Bennies and Battle posted at Dustbin Epitaph.

Jonathan Beard submitted "Why I Can No Longer Teach U.S. Military History."


The next edition of the Military History Carnival will be on March 1, 2012. The deadline will be February 25, 2012 and submissions can be sent using our carnival submission form.


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