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Aug 16, 2005 4:37 pm

Laying It On Thick, Part 2

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Date and time information are now available for the Molinari Society's second symposium, meeting in conjunction with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in New York City, December 27-30, 2005. The topic is the relation between"thin" libertarianism (i.e., libertarianism understood as a narrowly political doctrine) and"thick" libertarianism (i.e., libertarianism understood as essentially integrated into some broader set of social or cultural values).

GIII-8. Wednesday, 28 December 2005, 11:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m.
Molinari Society symposium: "Libertarianism Through Thick and Thin"
Morgan Suite (Second Floor), Hilton New York, 1335 Avenue of the Americas

Session 1, 11:15-12:15:
chair: Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)
speaker: Jan Narveson (University of Waterloo)
title: "Libertarianism: The Thick and the Thin"
commentator: Charles W. Johnson (Molinari Institute)

Session 2, 12:15-1:15:
chair: Jennifer McKitrick (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
speaker: Jack Ross (National Labor College)
title: "Labor and Liberty: A Lost Ideal and an Unlikely New Alliance"
commentator: Charles W. Johnson (Molinari Institute)

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Aeon J. Skoble - 8/21/2005

Nice of the APA to schedule AAPSS and Molinari in a "compossible" way! Both sound interesting.