May 12, 2007 10:36 pm


You may wish to read all of it. For me, this is the crucial part as amongst the soldiers are the high school friends of my 18 year old niece:

I want to tell the soldiers and police, you face a difficult mission. You do not face an enemy, but brothers and sisters. Sensitivity and patience are the order of the hour. I am sure that is how you will act. I want you to know the people stand behind you and are proud of you.

Seth says it best.

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Seth H Chalmer - 8/15/2005

Sharon says "we are one people, even when fighting and arguing." It would be easy to follow that with the old cliche about two Jews, three opinions, but this is different. This is no bickering discussion over dinner. This is extremely painful. And even though I support this disengagement, seeing photos of weeping soldiers and settlers in Ha'Aretz today broke my heart.

I would also like to point out that when the Israelis "fight and argue", it is in marked contrast to Palestinian infighting, which takes the form of machine-gun bullets and grenades, as when the PA recently clashed with Hamas.

With this disengagement, the supposedly Right-wing Sharon has won this Lefty's admiration.