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Jul 7, 2011 2:07 pm

An Open Letter to Senator Barbra Mikulski

I sent Senator Mikulski a message in support of Ron Paul and Barney Frank's bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level and she replied "I'm against legalization of marijuana." My response is below:

Dear Senator Mikulski


If you are against the legalization of marijuana then you are for wasting 40 billion dollars a year persecuting people who choose to use it rather than alcohol or prescription drugs with suicide warnings on the label. Those who talk about the harms of marijuana are all people who benefit from this persecution. Your statement here shows you to be an ignorant selfish arrogant woman  that knows absolutely  nothing about marijuana. Like most politicians you know about one thing and one thing only, lying your way into office. The reason you want to keep persecuting people who make the perfectly rational decision to use marijuana is not to protect them from anything but rather because you selfishly think that this stand will help keep you in office. Never mind the police violence your position encourages. Never mind the families you break up, the children you deny parents Never mind the employers that you cause to lose valuable workers. Never mind the brutal treatment of marijuana users in prison who unlike you do not commit or constantly sanction violence. Never mind the enormous expense you burden the taxpayers with. Never mind the fact that case against marijuana is built upon one lie after another refuted by one commission report after another. No, you do what you believe is best for yourself screw the rest of us that is what is important right?


Keith Halderman

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