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Jun 2, 2011 10:07 pm

We Should not Ignore this One

The more comprehensive as well as the more impartial a Commission charged with studying marijuana use conclusions are, the more likely its report is to be ignored and have no effect on public policy. This occurred with studies by the British in India, the U. S. Army in the Panama Canal Zone, the Mayor of New York, a panel appointed by Richard Nixon, the Canadian Senate, the Dutch government and the Jamaican Parliament despite the fact that their member credentials were unimpeachable.  In every one of these cases and many others besides they found that marijuana prohibition caused far more problems than it ameliorated and should be abolished. Yet it still exists and is now being enforced by the Obama Administration with relentless zeal.

Now, The Global Commission on Drug Policy associated with the UN has declared that war against people who use certain kinds of drugs is “a failure and urged nations to consider steps such as legalizing marijuana to help undermine the power of organized crime.” If history repeats itself as it has so many times before we will hear little more about these conclusions and politicians will continue  to disregard the truth that drug prohibition is unconstitutional, unjust, racist, destructive, inhumane, expensive, immoral, lethal and benefits no one except busy body moralists, prison guard unions, police swat teams and politicians seeking to fool people into believing they are tough on crime. If the past is any clue to the future, our leaders will continue to enforce these symbolic drug laws violated on a daily basis by millions of people with no harm through simple use to anyone, not even themselves. Therefore the blood on the hands of politicians, commentators, and ordinary citizens who support this horrendous deadly policy will continue to accumulate.

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