May 5, 2011 2:42 pm


Americans appreciate Obama's successful elimination of Bin Laden but 64% are aware that it does not complete the American mission in Afghanistan nor does it improve their view of the president's economic policy.  Only 34% approve of his economic policy, down from 38% in April.  In other words, as Americans do not expect a Republican president to be less vigilant in fighting Islamism or continue his current disasterous economic policies, the current lift in Obama's approval rating is bound to do little to increase his reelection prospects. 

Corruption comprises up to two-thirds of property prices in Moscow


Martin Heidigger’s Honorary Degree From CUNY I can hardly believe it. A Nazi honored by an American university and not any university, a New York one. Almost as disgusting as Hannah Arendt inability to come to terms with his villainy. Adam Kirsch began expressing his disgust thus:

It may seem surprising that so many books continue to be written debating Martin Heidegger’s Nazi affiliations, since the fact that Heidegger was a Nazi has never been in dispute. How could it be, when the great philosopher took office as rector of Freiburg University in April 1933 specifically in order to carry out the Gleichschaltung, or “bringing into line,” of the school with Hitler’s new party-state? Didn’t he tell the student body, in a speech that November, that “the Führer and he alone is the present and future German reality and its law”? After the war, didn’t he go out of his way to minimize Nazi crimes, even describing the Holocaust, in one notorious essay, as just another manifestation of modern technology, like mechanized agriculture?


I have travelled all around Turkey twice and I must admit the Turk did not strike me as xenophibic. But, then, I am told things have changed. Turks View Armenians, Greeks, Jews Negatively  They do not like others either:

According to the research, conducted by the Political, Economic and Social Research Foundation, or SETA, some 36.6 percent of participants have a favorable view of Europeans, while 35 percent expressed unfavorable sentiments. Some 40 percent of the younger generation also expressed more favorable views regarding Europeans, whereas those who were over 61 years of age tended to have a more negative opinion. On Americans, 64.8 percent of those surveyed indicated unfavorable views, with only 13.8 percent expressing favorable views. . . .

The participants’ outlook on Armenians, Jews and Greeks was especially unfavorable, with some 73.9 percent saying they held negative views of Armenians, 71.5 percent saying they had negative views of Jews, and 67 percent saying they had unfavorable views of Greeks.

NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment Scientific assertions should be proven professor Everitt insisted. It took him 52 years but he proved that Zionist Einstein got it right.


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