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Apr 22, 2011 11:43 pm

Barak Obama is a Deeply Flawed Human Being

There are many reasons to think Barak Obama is bad president from 1.7 trillion dollar deficits to five on going wars but I think he is also a bad human being. How his is use of drones really that much different from what Tony Soprano used to do on HBO. They both arbitrarily decide that someone needs to be killed. Just as a mafia member cannot question why the boss has is murdering a certain individual, we the taxpayers who pay for Obama’s hit are not privileged to know the reason it is taking place. Both of them surround their actions with secrecy Soprano will say that he is doing it for the good of the family. Obama, in the same vague manner, asserts he is killing to keep American’s safe. I do not think that I am the only one who is extremely skeptical of this rationale. If Obama wants to keep me safe how about not going around all over the world giving people reasons to want me dead just because I live in the United States. Barak Obama, however, does Tony Soprano one better, when Tony kills it is usually just the one intended, in contrast when Barak murders it is not just the person, for who knows what reason, targeted but also many people whose only crime is living in the same village.

I have thought Obama was a deeply flawed person long before I realized he was killing little Pakistani children with his drones. That opinion stems from his unbelievably hypocritical and enthusiastic support for drug prohibition. In his autobiography Obama admits to drug use, so he knows from personal experience that marijuana is not a dangerous drug yet he continues to persecute those who use it to this day. Not only is the President’s stance intensely hypocritical but it is also another one of his many betrayals. During the 2008 campaign a website supporting him asked the voters what they wanted to see changed and by far the number one answer was an end to our nation’s irrational policy towards marijuana use. In this respect nothing has changed. If Barak Obama were a better man it would have.

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