Apr 13, 2011 10:11 pm


MSM is doing its best to hide the Syrian uprising in the bottom of the inside pages. Covering the teetering of Iran's closest ally is not its cup of tea. You will find no calls for Dr. Asad to go back to his chosen profession, ophthalmology. Barack Obama does not even ask Assad to fulfill his promise to help Syrians get rid of their corrupt ruling elite without too much additional blood shed. 200 died already including 15 soldiers who refused to shoot demonstrators and still new groups and new towns join the ranks of the demonstrators as this time line shows.

Yesterday students at Damascus University and today women blocked the coastal highway. There are demonstrations taking place in more and more villages.

Thousands of Syrian women and children holding white flags and olive branches blocked a main coastal highway Wednesday, demanding authorities release detainees picked up during a crackdown on opponents of President Bashar Assad's authoritarian regime, witnesses said.

The crowd — unusual because it was dominated by women and young children — demanded the release of hundreds of men who have been rounded up in the northeastern villages of Bayda and Beit Jnad and surrounding areas in recent days.

"We will not be humiliated!" the crowd shouted Wednesday, according to witnesses who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. They were gathering along the main road between the coastal cities of Tartous and Banias.

And, yes, there is a facebook page helping along. It declares that it is an American style revolution. The call is for freedom, not justice (as ME experts would have predicted):

"Today, April 12, is the day of loyalty towards the martyrs, wounded and prisoners, who are the heroes of the free youth revolution," said the organisers on Facebook page the Syrian Revolution, which has played a key role in mobilising recent protests.

"We will shout slogans despite our wounds and hold peaceful sit-ins until we obtain our freedom," the group said."We will not stop, nor backtrack. Our cause is clear. It is a revolution by the people for the people and the demands are clear. Our path is peaceful and the objective is freedom."

Yes, they may wish to live in a less brutal place, a place where their children are not tortured

GUTSY! Syrian students mount protests in Aleppo, capital

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