Apr 1, 2011 5:03 pm


American technology rides to the rescue: Robots From U.S. Aid In Japan Nuclear Crisis and I thought robots is something Japan sold the US. And there is also Giant pumps rushed from US to Japan to cool reactors

Israel's octogenarian president, Shimon Peres, continues to hope for a New Middle East and he writes We in Israel welcome the Arab spring"Unlike Hamas and Hezbollah, the young want peace and progress in our region."

I am not sure he is right but I am amongst those who hopes so.

Fed Showered Money On Foreign Banks including that of Qaddafi:

Three-fourths of the 12 largest recipients of Fed largesse that day were foreign companies — one of which, Arab Banking Corp., is now majority owned by the Central Bank of Libya. At the time, the Libyan dictatorship owned almost a third of the company. . . .

In another twist highlighted by the statement from Sen. Sanders’ office, it turns out that the Libyan-owned bank was using U.S. Treasury securities as collateral for the low-interest loans from the Fed — effectively borrowing money for virtually no interest from the central bank, then loaning it to the U.S. government for a big profit at taxpayer expense.

The Civil War Reenactors Rise Again:"The 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War will make 2011 a banner year for the reenactment business."

In February, I attended the yearly reenactment of the battle of Olustee in Florida. Thousands of people drove for hours to attend and the nostalgia business was brisk. The atmosphere was that of a giant picnic filled with lighthearted people enjoying a dress up party. I was surprise by the number of blacks in attendance. You can see my photos here.

Only in America? Apparently not. Also, in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Italy. Amazing.

A new study of Jewish attachment to Israel reveal that ambitious South African emigre Peter Beinart's claim not withstanding, "Young Jews Do Care About Israel" and so do Jewish members of the Democratic party. That was the reason Barack Hussein Obama went to the Western Wall wearing a yarmulke prior to his elections. Who knows? He just feel a need to visit again before November 2012.

Israeli startup Conduit with more users than Twitter negotiating billion-dollar exit Impressive.

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