Mar 22, 2011 10:57 am


John Rosenthal keeps exposing a very inconvenient Libyan reality. We are busy saving the Libyan Islamists. Qaddafi, mad dog or not, is telling the truth. Libya may become a Sunni Iran:

The analysts of the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point have as well. The findings of the latter are based on the so-called Sinjar Records: captured personnel records identifying foreign combatants who joined al-Qaeda in Iraq between August 2006 and August 2007. . . .

The West Point analysts’ statistical study of the al-Qaeda personnel records comes to the conclusion that one country provided “far more” foreign fighters in per capita terms than any other: namely, Libya. Furthermore, the records show that the “vast majority of Libyan fighters that included their hometown in the Sinjar Records resided in the country’s Northeast.” . . .

A report from Benghazi in the French daily Le Figaro identifies the same al-Hasadi as the “voice of Libya’s Islamists” and claims that a transitional government could only be formed with his approval.

For decades, Middle Eastern tyrants warned Western democracy advocates that the choice in the Middle East is not between autocracy and democracy but between autocracy and Islamist theocracy. To ensure of that their warnings be based on reality, they aided and abetted the spread of Islamist theology and anti-Western propaganda amongst the masses. The process began as early as 1966 with the creation of an Islamic alliance between Feisal of Saudi Arabia and the Shah of Iran. The two kings decided to use Islam to fight Nasserism and Communism. Since then oil rich kings have spent huge sums spreading poisonous Islamism and did so with great success. Hence, people power came to mean the replacement of autocrats with Islamic theocracies beginning with Iran.

Democracy promotion in the Middle East meant turning over power to the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah except in cases where the American military was present to limit the ability of Islamists to limit the power of governments and ensure that second and third elections take place. This was the case in Bosnia, Kossovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. The quick removal of such forces, created chaos in Somalia. Let us remember that boots of the ground were also needed to secure German, South Korean and Taiwanese democracies.

Will Tunisia, Egypt , Libya etc., become another Iraq or Iran? Is there anything the West can do to ensure the more favorable outcome without boots on the ground? How successful will the efforts will anti democratic forces of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia and China be in bringing about an unfavorable outcome? These are the 64 million dollar questions.

Do not be fooled either by the Arab League call for a no fly zone nor by the Russian and Chinese abstention from UN resolution authorizing its enforcement. Both are reeds of straw as these headline clearly demonstrate:

Putin likens U.N. Libya resolution to crusade calls

Arab League criticizes scope of Libya bombing

As Zhou Enlai quipped when asked whether the French revolution was beneficial, it is too early to tell. All we can hope is that the price will not be excessively high at least in lives, if not in treasure and remember that 9/11 has taught us that the price of authoritarian status quo has proven excessive in both.

UPDATES: Russia, China, India and Turkey condemn Libya strikes

The British are renewing their age old battle with the French: The Financial Times blames the French for daring to come to the rebel's rescue before the American and the British unleashed their old age plain to prepare the battlefield by destroying the"mighty" Libyan air defense capability. In The Problem With Partners David Brooks admits:

Finally, multilateral efforts are built around a fiction. The people who organize coalitions pretend that all the parties are sharing the burdens. In reality, only the U.S. can do many of the tasks. If the other nations falter, the U.S. will have to leap in and assume the entire burden. America’s partners go in knowing they do not bear ultimate responsibility for success or failure. Americans do.

That is the reason partners not only prevaricate, but benefit from doing so.

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