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Aug 8, 2005 10:03 am

"The Best Damn Medal Writer in the U.S. Army?"

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William Marina - 8/8/2005

I also enjoyed Audie as an actor, and who was underrated, long before I learned more about him from Nate Weyl.
It is a far cry from using PR to tell about real heroes, to using the Media to create lies and baseless myths about reality.

David Timothy Beito - 8/7/2005

I enjoyed this. I've always been interested in Murphy who is very underrated actor.

Modesty is the right word. I read that Murphy was asked to play himself in "Hell and Back" he wondered if he was "right for the part." His performance as a hired assassin in "No Name on the Bullet" ( was chilling, in part because it was a killer playing a killer.