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Mar 15, 2011 6:41 pm

They Will Give Any Idiot a Column

I cannot recall ever reading anything written by Alex Pareene before today and I hope never to waste my time again in such a fashion. He wrote a column for in which he called the people who contributed to the 1.1 million dollars raised by Dr. Paul on Presidents Day “suckers.” I find this both ironic and personally insulting coming from someone who apparently bought into the fraudulent hope and change being sold by Barack Obama in 2008.

In fact, monies given to Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are the only political contributions to candidates worth making. If either of these two men are not the Republican nominee in 2012 it really won’t matter who the GOP candidate is because the American people will face the same choice they had in 2008. They will be stuck with picking between two people sharing the same goal, destroying the United States and its Constitution with a combination of perpetual warfare and accumulation of massive amounts of debt.

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Keith Halderman - 3/16/2011

If you cannot tell the difference between Ron Paul and other politicians then I pity you in your ignorance.

Daniel P Kuehn - 3/15/2011

One politico getting indignant at the idea that another politico thinks his politician is worthless, responding with the counter-argument that everyone but his politician is the worthless one.