Mar 11, 2011 3:08 pm


Russia, China Get Tough with Social Media Companies to Avoid Unrest They will be disappointed. Social media is not the problem. It did not exist in 1848 or 1968 yet . . . .

Raymond Ibrahim, Caliphate, Jihad, Sharia: Now What? Ibrahim is right. Before you can devise a strategy, you must understand the enemy.

Neil Munro, White House to liberal-minded Muslims: drop dead That is certainly the wrong strategy.

Caroline Glick, Meet the spiritual warriors who battle for women where feminists — and ‘liberated’ men — fear to tread Actually, they argue that global"liberation" must precede fixing female liberation in the non Western world.

Michael Terheyden, Christian Persecution: Egyptian Army Attacks Coptic Monasteries

Islamic Mob Burns Down Church in Egypt

Clashes between Copts and Muslims continue, six dead and 42 injured This after they fought together to overthrow Mubarak. Moreover, their cooperation was cites as evidence that there is no reason to worry about an Islamist take over. Yes, women were fooled too, yet again.

Pakistani Taliban strikes funeral of the wife of anti-Taliban militia member procession in second bombing in two days NPR believes that failure to give equal time to the views of these type of Islamists is similar to failure to give equal time to discrimination against women.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Zionists are busy developing An Alzheimer’s vaccine in a nasal spray Can't wait!

Somali Pirate: I made $2.4M From Ransoms in 2010 Jefferson knew how to deal with pirates.

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