Mar 6, 2011 6:01 pm


There is something so absurdly willful about the Obama administration's continued insistence that the US do nothing to reduce the flow of dollars to foreign oil suppliers as to make one scratch one's head in wonder. Here is the latest example: Interior appeals oil drilling ruling

The Obama administration late Friday appealed a judge's orders directing the Interior Department to act on several Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling permits.

The appeal is the latest salvo in the ongoing fight over the speed with which Interior is – or isn't – letting oil drillers get back to work after last year's BP oil spill.

Gulf state lawmakers and the oil industry have accused the department of enacting a"de facto" moratorium against new drilling, while Interior says it needs to ensure safety and environmental protections are in place.

Similar moratoriums and limits are in place in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Luckily American innovative spirits helps mitigate the damage and creates an shale oil boom in North Dakota and Alaska may be next, if permitted.

Steve Forbes is right to blast Obama's "anti-energy policies." Others should join him.

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