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Feb 20, 2011 8:53 pm

An Insight into the Egypt Story

I've been off this blog awhile, but I notice that there was some interest in the Egyptian revolt. Troy Camplin, writing on the Pope Center site, pointed out that one reason for the unrest is the fact that Egypt has promoted college education (it is free) and as a result the cities are full of educated people who don't have jobs.

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Jane S. Shaw - 2/26/2011

Mark, thank you. Yes, it's only part of the Egypt story, but an eerie part of it. There are problems in other parts of the world, too, due to underemployed college graduates--including China!

Mark Brady - 2/22/2011

I recommend this article, which offers a useful insight on events in Egypt. I feared the author might make extravagant claims for his argument but he acknowledges that it is but one part of a much larger narrative.