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Aug 4, 2005 4:57 pm

Zen and the Art of Iraqi Regime Change

My article by that title is posted at The Future of Freedom Foundation site here.

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Sheldon Richman - 8/7/2005

The administration, in my view, never feared that Saddam's future weapons would threaten our homeland. Rather, it feared that a nuclear-armed Saddam would break Israel's nuclear regional monopoly and therefore constitute a credible deterrent to U.S.-Israeli policy there.

Keith Halderman - 8/5/2005

You wrote "It is doubtful the American people would have supported an invasion of Iraq on the grounds that Saddam might some day try to develop weapons. Why should he use them against the United States? Without provocation he’d have no reason to commit personal and national suicide."

I believe this is a very important point that is not made often enough. In fact I would go further and say that a smart administration without a personal axe to grind could have turned him into a useful asset in our war with fundamentalist Islamic extremism.

Sheldon Richman - 8/5/2005

And the congressional elections are on the horizon...

William Marina - 8/5/2005

I found the info you offered about Feith quite interesting.
The cost of Empire is now escalating, very much a part of the economic problems now confronting the imperial policy makers.