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Aug 4, 2005 5:53 am

How Soon We Forget!

"Al-Zaman reports that US troops are billeted in 1700 homes in Fallujah. The newspaper says that owners are largely refusing to accept rent, and just want the soldiers out of their homes." Juan Cole

America's historical amnesia allows it to forget the quartering of the British standing army in Boston in 1768.

The great feminist republican, Mercy Otis Warren, who, in 1805 published her multi-volume History of the American Revolution because she feared Americans had already succumbed to a pursuit of wealth, called this October "Day of Infamy," the day upon which the American Revolution began. FDR's speech writers on December 8, 1941, never bothered to give her credit for the phrase!

We do unto others what we would not allow done unto us. But, then, no one has ever accused the American Empire of consistency, even in its immorality, although many still deny its hypocrisy.

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Kenneth R Gregg - 8/7/2005

It is truly perverse!

Tom G Palmer - 8/4/2005

...that a little bell would have gone off in someone's mind.