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Feb 9, 2011 12:11 am

Lew Rockwell in Al Jazeera

Lew Rockwell in Al Jazeera Show your support: Hat tip to reader Charles for sending along the following article from Al Jazeera along with his comment: A good analysis. And I had no idea Lew is Murray's estate's executor. Amazing the stuff you learn reading Al Jazeera.

The Al Jazeera article referenced is an excellent opinion piece by Lew Rockwell on the uprising in Egypt. The information about Murray Rothbard's estate is in Lew's bio note at the bottom. BTW, I believe Lew inherited only the rights to Murray's works, not to any other financial aspect of the estate...but I could be wrong.

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Jonathan Dresner - 2/9/2011

but apparently they have fewer editorial standards than I thought.