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Jan 18, 2011 5:01 pm

Warren Buffett 's Start "at the Bottom"

An article highlighted today on MSN describes how Warren Buffett, and six other billionaires, "started at the bottom." It states that young Warren (no doubt after he left the orphanage)"started working on his billion-dollar empire when he was a teenager. His first job, at age 13, was running a newspaper delivery business. Already a budding businessman with an eye on the bottom line, Buffett took a deduction that year for the use of his bicycle on his paper route.He went on to start a pinball-machine business while in high school. Always looking for business opportunities, Buffett had $10,000 from his business ventures when he graduated from college."

All well and good....except for one detail that might contradict the alleged start"at the bottom." The article does not mention that Warren's father was none other than Howard Buffett, a prosperous businessman and member of Congress who was a key mentor to his son. Why can't the elder Buffett get any respect? Could it have something to with the fact that, unlike the pro-establishment, pro-Obama Warren, Howard had strong libertarian views?

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