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Jul 30, 2005 10:46 am

More summer reading

The other thing I read earlier this summer, before I started the Gaiman kick, was The Man Without a Hobby, which is the memoirs of the influential philosopher Tibor Machan. It's a fascinating story -- smuggled out of communist Hungary as a teenager, complete with the canonical crossing-the-barbed-wire-at-midnight, coming to America, joining the Air Force, working his way through college and grad school, fighting the odds to complete his PhD, dealing with failed relationships, the development of his ideas, and so on. (I was tickled to see myself quoted, albeit anonymously, regarding an observation I once made about Tibor's work habits.) One caveat: unfortunately, the book is marred by many typos - the publisher really owes Tibor an apology, IMO. But don't let that stop you from reading it - it's a truly interesting story of a very important figure in contemporary libertarian thought. Caveat #2: the link above is to Amazon, because I'm a creature of habit, but you may do better ordering it from B&N or directly from the publisher. (LFB is already sold out.)

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Kenneth R Gregg - 7/31/2005

You know, I've been meaning to get to Tibor's book but just haven't gotten around to it.

Thanks for reminding me as to how well it is. Definitely something to put on my list.

Just a thought.
Just Ken