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Dec 21, 2010 12:40 pm

Haley Barbour's Trent Lott Moment

Andrew Ferguson,"The Boy from Yazoo City," Weekly Standard, 27 December, includes some indiscrete comments by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour about the White Citizens Councils of his youth. Eric Kleefeld of Josh Marshall's TalkingPointsMemo is all over this story. See also: Harold Evans,"Haley Barbour Needs a Civil-Rights History Lesson," and Benjamin Sarlin,"Haley Barbour Under Fire for Revisionist History," Daily Beast, 20 December; Amanda Terkel,"Haley Barbour's Account Of Civil Rights Era In Mississippi Assailed By NAACP, Historians," and Terkel,"Jeppie Barbour, Haley's Brother, Bemoaned Blacks 'Not Listenin' To White People Like They Used To'," Huffington Post, 20 December. This could be Haley Barbour's Trent Lott moment.

Update: Haley Barbour has second thoughts.

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