Dec 21, 2010 2:08 pm


Raymond Ibrahim, Swedish Jihad Revelations

Back in 2004, in one of his most recognized messages to America, Osama bin Laden, responding to then President George Bush Jr.'s claims that Al Qaeda hates freedom, rhetorically asked,"If so [if Al Qaeda hates freedom], let him [Bush] explain to us why we have not attacked Sweden, for example."

Now they have.

Is it permitted to destroy a Quran etched in 27 liters of Saddam Hussein's blood?

Don't ask me!

R. Green, Jihadist Incitement, Attacks, and Threats Against Christians During the Holiday Season – A Review

Barry Rubin, Poll Reveals Frightening Popularity of Revolutionary Islamism in Middle Eastern countries They even like the barbaric punishments!

Finally there is the attitude toward Islamic punishments. Again, the outcome in Egypt and Jordan is very revealing. In Egypt, 82 percent want stoning for those who commit adultery; 77 percent would like to see whippings and hands cut off for robbery; and 84 percent favor the death penalty for any Muslim who changes his religion.

I would expect that these attitudes don’t differ much from public opinion in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

The figures for Jordan are roughly the same: 70 percent (stoning), 58 percent (whipping/amputation), 86 percent (death for converts).

Again, the numbers for Lebanon and Turkey are quite different:

Lebanon, 23 percent (stoning); 13 percent (whipping/amputation), 6 percent (death for converts)

Turkey, 16 percent (stoning); 13 percent (whipping/amputation), 5 percent (death for converts)

B. Raman, China: India More Assertive, But Not Yet Adequately

Well, it has little choice given American weakness. Yes, there is an upside to Barack Obama's appeasement policy. It limits free ridership.

In Playing With Fire Indian blogger PAARULL takes to task India's failure to respond to Israel's request for help in putting out the Carmel fire.

A little bit of sensitivity from India would not have been out of place. Instead, we had New Delhi's baffling inaction. It's almost as if Delhi slept through the crisis and then someone in the government woke up and belatedly realized that something had to be said. Some others will suggest the Congress-led government has deliberately ignored its Israeli friends so that it finds favour with its minority vote-bank. I will not believe that this government can be so myopic or foolish or petty.

But I do remember how ordinary Israelis stood by this country during and after the Mumbai attacks. I remember how Israelis, on holiday in Leh, dropped everything and helped out people affected by the flash floods. I remember how Delhi expects, almost as its right, that Israel share counter-terror intelligence with it.

And I hear all too often from my government how India deserves its rightful place at the big boys' club in the UN Security Council. But before we venture out to save the world, we ought to begin treating our friends with respect and dignity.

It is most gratifying to realize that Israel is beginning to have some friends even in the Indian media.

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