Dec 10, 2010 10:58 am


If there is anything more immoral than the job killing country impoverishing policies of Barack Obama, it is leftists pretending to care about"the least fortunate amongst us" celebrating them. Official unemployment reached 98.8% in November. As always Blacks (16%), Hispanics (13.2%) and the uneducated (15.7%) pay disproportionate price. This month even unemployment among college graduates jumped from 4.7% to 5.1%. If that is not bad enough, oil prices (irrationally excluded from inflation calculations) are have reached 90$ and are clearly on their way up.

So, what does the Obama administration do? It reinstitutes oil and natural-gas drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and off part of the Atlantic coast for seven years! at the cost of tens of thousands of well paying jobs not to mention crucial American progress towards energy independence and adding to the wealth of Middle Eastern theocracies. Even the Europeans led by Norway, Denmark and Britain refused to do something so economically insane.

54% of Americans polled agree that the ban will increase gas prices and hurt the economy.

Is the ban part and parcel of the Obama administration's environmental fanaticism? No, fume Washington Post editors opposed to the ban, it is all about appeasing the left:

Environmental groups and liberals dismayed in March that the president endorsed a GOP-friendly policy without securing anything in return are happier now.

Indeed, some Slate readers are delighted

En-Tie Soon - This is a political move... finally, Obama is learning how to negotiate like a real man, instead of giving up on his bargaining chips EVEN BEFORE NEGOTIATION!

Nate Smith - Hmmm. Disagreed. This is muscle flexing by Obama. He is saying,"you want to hold legislation hostage, I can hold things hostage too." He's putting this bargaining chip in play.

Shawn S. - so when cancun fails next week, which it will, whats next, a complete ban on all oil drilling and us having to buy all oil from outside the US? making the US green and jobless.

No. The left does not care about the price flesh and blood poor. The two job killing years of the Obama have taught that much to any clear seeing person. Let's hope the Republican make good use of the restraining order the American voters issued and limit the damage this ruthless president continues to inflict on America. The freeze on the salaries of the federal bureaucracy and the rise in the unemployment rate of college graduates should prove helpful as it finally inflicts some pain on the left.

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