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Jul 27, 2005 10:56 am

Psychological Armor?

I'd like to hear from those of you who have a military background or expertise. What do you think of this?

Basically, when the US military was looking to outfit various vehicles with armor, it seems they tried to do so on the cheap. The writer had designed a lightweight but, he argues, effective form of armor that he called FLEA (Forward Light Escort, Armored). He submitted it for consideration when the military was in search of a contractor. Here is a key excerpt in a damning account:

After a month or so, I called TACOM and inquired as to the progress of the selection process. The officer said,"The FLEA yes, I have it here Oh, yeah this is armored. We don't want armor."

I knew the specification they wanted. The bodywork had to defeat the equivalent of a pellet fired from a pellet gun. Something like 19 grains at 435 feet per second. Something silly like that. I mentioned this to the officer."Yeah, right. We call it psychological armor'"

"'Psychological armor?'" I let that sink in to my brain."You mean, the guys just THINK they're sitting behind armor?"

He chuckled."Yeah, pretty much."

"But," I said,"I'm under the weight requirement even with the armor. Why not give them the protection?"

"That's not what we want."

So, credible? Not credible? If so why or why not? If true this seems scandalous, but there is also a hint of conspiracy mongering to it all, so I am awaiting feedback from those of you who know more about these things (if you are even reading during the summer lull). Lift your pint glass up in honor of Chris, one of my new Oxford buddies, for the source.

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david w blowhard - 8/4/2005

comments are flying about everything from Israel rules the universe to israel is satin to Israel is a pupet for Maw-se-tung. The truth is Israel is also being run by some evil people, namely the "NEW WORLD ORDER" which is presently building up the bases of all allinged countries for the next war.

The fact that armor is not an issue only affirms the belief that the US goverment is trying to kill off as many people as possible without letting anyone know.

Good hunting

Marc "Adam Moshe" Bacharach - 7/27/2005

I am sad to say that I would not be shocked to find that this is true, although I have no idea. The amount and severity of what goes on behind the scenes in the military is undoubedly even more than what we don't see in the political or business world, which is to say, an incredible amount.