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Dec 9, 2010 1:08 pm


Dozens of rescuers killed in Israeli fire As usual in Israel, leaders go first. Haifa Police Chief critically injured Minutes after being interviewed, Deputy Commander Ahuva Tomer drove behind the bus of prison guard trainees that caught fire. They came to help evacuate a prison and their bus was engulfed in a fast moving fire wall. Many tried to escape but were quickly engulfed by another fire wall.

I grew up in this area. Planted treas and picknicked in"Little Switzerland" that is gone. Haifa University has been evacuated. Mount Carmel goes from Green to Black

Massive fire in Israel can be seen from space - NASA satellite photo

And it was man made! Two arrested for one of a series of copycat fires lit all around northern Israel. No chance for rain but the winds are increasing and the smoke is felt throughout the region.

Constant updates

Intenational response is wonderful - PM thanks Erdogan for airplanes to battle Carmel fire Turkish and Greek fight the fire together. Bulgaria is there as is Jordan. Putin is sending two giant planes and a helicopter.

Yes, Greeks are helping on Hanukkah (a holiday celebrating Maccabee defeat of the Greek army. Ironic.

World Jewry to raise funds to help victims of Carmel fire

Steven Plaut with the Bulgarian firefighters in The Mt. Carmel Inferno

JPost editors say Thank you for those who helped. Jews are supposed to start the day with Mode Ani (I am grateful). Emphasis on gratefulness may be one of the reasons for Jewish resiliency.

Unfortunately, Palestinian powers that be are yet to learn to say thank you. They incite, instead.

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