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Nov 30, 2010 9:59 am

An Open Letter to the DC Radio’s Sports Junkies

Dear Junkies

The other day I listened to you mock Ron Paul for his laudable efforts to stop the unconstitutional and illegal groping at our nation’s airports. One of you said something to the effect that you hoped Dr. Paul died the next time they blow up an airplane. This is very unlikely to happen as the odds of being killed in a terrorist attack are one 1 in 9.3 million.

Yet, in order to maybe reduce that already astronomical, never going to happen, chance you are willing to have you wives and children groped and fondled by strangers or have them exposed to quite possibly dangerous levels of radiation. And, let us not even mention that the TSA will then have naked pictures of them on file.

Are you really that ignorant or are you just shilling for ex-Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff? After all, if the alternative was not having your genitals touched who would voluntarily walk through those expensive porno machines. They would just sit there gathering dust and in the end Chertoff along with his friends would lose a great deal of money.

If you mewling little girls want to live your lives being told what to do, what to eat, what to read, what to say, what to think, fine then join a cult. However, do not give that power to the government because that takes those of us who are men into a condition of slavery with you. By the way, congratulations your opinions are exactly the same as those ludicrous cows on The View.

Keith Halderman

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Keith Halderman - 12/2/2010

These searches are not legal if you or I took similar actions we would be arrested for lewd behavior. Also, there is not one iota of evidence that these new rules are making anyone safer. I do, however, know what would make us safer. That is if our government stopped spending billions of dollars all over the world giving people reasons to want to kill Americans. As for not taking the plane they are already talking about extending these type of procedures to trains and buses. Next time you are watching an old movie and you see some Nazi asking someone for their papers realize that is where the Bush/Obamas of the world are taking us.

Mike Lee - 12/1/2010

Mr. Halderman,

Your arguments are nonsensical. Saying that the odds of being a victim of a terrorist attack are low does not mean that such an attack will not occur and take innocent lives. The sheer probability of an event like 9/11 was extremely low, but we all know it happened.

These completely legal searches aren't designed for pornography or creating a totalitarian state. They're to make the world a safer place. If you're so concerned, I suggest you take a boat, train, car, bike, mule, or walk to your destination.

-M. Lee

Keith Halderman - 11/30/2010

Your ignorance and cowardliness is slowly costing me my freedom.

Chill the f Out - 11/30/2010

The Junkies and their listeners care about you and this topic about as much as Brett cares for seafood. It IS funny to see you get llllick though.

Keith Halderman - 11/30/2010

You want me to chill out but maybe I do not want my children and their children to live in the totalitarian hell hole that people like you are helping to build.

Chill the f Out - 11/30/2010


Keith Halderman - 11/30/2010

I may not be a big radio star but at least I am not a dumb frightened little girl like you.

Chill the f Out - 11/30/2010

Hey Rick Rick Keith,

What is the probability that you are nubbs?