Dec 1, 2010 11:40 am


Wikileaks silver lining- Israel is not the only country that views the Iranian nuclear program as an existential threat - Arabs states do too. Indeed, they care more about Iran nukes than about another round of Israeli Palestinian negotiations or"settlements."

Barry Rubin, Wikileaks Confirm Our Analysis of U.S. Policy and Middle East Politics Could not agree more. AND the fact that Obama lied when he pretended that he needed to kick Israel to convince Arabs to support his anti-Iran policy.

Rubin provides a list of main points starting thus:

Iran steadily smuggled arms to Hizballah using various means including in ambulances and medical vehicles during the 2006 war. This violates the laws of war. At times, the media has condemned Israel for attacking ambulances though it showed Hamas was also using such vehicles for military and arms-smuggling operations. Moreover, the postwar UN force proved consistently ineffective in stopping smuggling while the U.S. government did not denounce Iran, Syria, and Hizballah for breaking the ceasefire arrangements.

Do remember this next time you read about Israeli"war crimes."

China 'scared to death' of Pelosi: leaked cable because she has been a staunch Chinese human rights advocate. Unfortunately, she kept mum last time she visited.

Now, she is on her way to the Nobel ceremony. Do say hello to Geir and the rest of the gang. This time they showed some guts. But, then, they had little choice given how miserably their choice of Obama looks one year hence.

Fiamma Nirenstein, Germany: Exploding Anti-Semitism

If we take Germany, and look at the excellent indicator of the web network, we can see that neo-Nazi websites have increased from 800 last year to 1872 this year, and it is not over yet. One fifteen-year-old out of every 20 belongs to a neo-Nazi group. The German neo-Nazi messages that are broadcast to children and young rock music fans, and that are based on hatred for the Jews have increased on the relevant websites from 750 to 6000. One also has to pay close attention to what his children read on Facebook or hear on Youtube. In East Germany, neo-Nazis are even organizing ideological kindergartens under their own management. The neo-Nazi rap music that incites listeners to kill Jews and blacks is hugely popular, as are the messages that claim the Holocaust is a Jewish invention to justify their" crimes" and the illegal existence of the State of Israel, which has now become the focus of their attacks.

Thousands of antisemitic attacks that are sweeping Europe, especially since immigration has brought into Europe a great influx of political Islamism. which is ready to join a common front with the neo-Nazis in their antisemitism, even when the far right is xenophobic. All the studies confirm, and the German police have made it a basic premise, that the neo-Nazi and Jihadist groups work together in the antisemitic field, with exponential results. One Jewish cemetery a week is vandalized, and grafitti and violence have increased from 36 to 183; synagogues are attacked; recently, in Hanover, at the international Fest in which everyone sang, from Afghans to Turks, a Jewish chorus barely escaped the mob's murderous rage.


Viva Dublina has been loaned one of the world’s largest luxury cruise liners by an Israeli shipping mogul to act as a flotilla from Ashdod to Dublin. The mogul wrote a letter to Ha’aretz saying: “I am horrified by the developing humanitarian crisis in Ireland!” The ship will be used to return the useless junk and out of date medications sent on flotillas manned by anti-Israeli Irish activists that are currently clogging the warehouses in Ashdod after Hamas refused to accept the “donations”.

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