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Jul 26, 2005 10:39 am

North Korea Update

Several days ago, I said in my post, “Remember North Korea,” that “It is still possible that Bush will follow in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, who reversed his hard-line attitude towards the Soviet Union in his second term and was then able to negotiate with Soviet leaders effectively.”

I am pleased to see that this is what appears to be happening. Today, the United States resumed 6-party talks with North Korea, according to the New York Times , “stating that the United States recognized the sovereignty of the North Korean government as a"matter of fact" and had"absolutely no intention" of launching a military attack against the Stalinist regime. The American envoy, Christopher Hill, also appeared to suggest that the United States would be amenable to a step-by-step process under which North Korean concessions would be met by rewards from the United States and other participants in the talks.”

I commend Bush for his recognition of a failed and arrogant policy and sincerely hope that this dangerous situation on the Korean peninsula can be resolved.

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