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Nov 21, 2010 10:11 pm

What May We Expect from the Libertarian Party in 2012?

Thanks, Keith, for bringing Ralph Nader's essay about George W. Bush to our attention.

Back in 2008 I too thought Nader ran the most encouraging campaign of all the third party candidates, if only for his advocacy of the case against war.

Looking ahead to 2012, what is the chance that the Libertarian Party will make the case against war a top priority of its campaign? I invite readers who know more about the LP than I do, to share their thoughts on this topic here at Liberty & Power.

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Mark Brady - 11/23/2010

Fair enough. I posted this hoping you would contribute to the debate. Thank you.

Less Antman - 11/22/2010

I hate to be so prosaic, Mark, but the answer to your question is still to be determined. The 2010 national convention suggested a strong rejection of the execrable 2008 campaign and a renewed emphasis on military non-intervention as a core principle, but the LP is small enough that it will depend mainly on who the 2012 presidential nominee is, and the man most often named as the best plausible candidate to carry an antiwar banner just died yesterday.