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Nov 19, 2010 6:59 pm

A Well Cast Ballot

In the four previous elections I supported the Libertarian presidential candidate, however, in 2008 I felt the party disrespected Dr. Ron Paul and what he had accomplished, so I did not cast my ballot for their contender. Instead, I voted for Ralph Nader because every time I saw him on television he talked about our wars saying things I very much agreed with. After reading Nader’s thoughts on George Bush’s recent reemergence in to the public spotlight in an article titled Bush at Large I said to myself I do not regret that vote.

The author notes that Bush has no remorse about invading Iraq in 2003 quoting him saying that “the world was undoubtedly safer with Saddam gone.” Nader then asks” but was it safer for over a million Iraqis who lost their lives due to the invasion, over 4 million refugees, 4500 American soldiers lost, 1100 amputees, tens of thousands injured, sick and tens of thousands more GIs coming back with trauma to lost jobs, broken families and permanent damage to their health.”

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