Nov 19, 2010 3:27 pm


Why is it that Obama/Clinton take every opportunity to express displeasure with Israel's plans to build additional apartments in Jerusalem, its capital, but are Antisemitic, yes Antisemitic, incitement?

Abbas told Obama he has stopped the incitement and did not. When George W. Bush caught Arafat in a blatant lie, he cut him off. But Obama does not even find an opportunity to complain and his side kick, Hillary Clinton, is not only silent on incitement but borrows money from China to provide the inciters with and additional $150,000,000 dollars.

Is it simply because the media is uninterested? That is a contention difficulty to take seriously as all administrations has ways to focus media attention on subjects of their choice.

Yet, in his recent conference call with Jewish leaders, Dan Shapiro, the top National Security Council official dealing with Israel and its neighbors, admitted that Obama double crossed him in Indonesia. Shapiro said that 'he had helped prepare Obama's notes for his Indonesia tour, and there had not been any plans to mention any disagreement between Israel and the United States." Alas, he was"asked about Israel's announcement at a news conference and gave a"straightforward" answer."

Poor, naive, Obama he fell into a reporter's trap. But what Hillary Clinton who joined the criticism, praised the Palestinians good works and did not mention a word about incitement? Clearly, having a Jewish son in law has not made Suha Arafat's fan care more about blatant Antisemitsm.

Sharipo added that"the Obama administration is making it clear, both publicly and privately with Palestinian Authority officials, that incitement against Israel must end."

Well, it did not and the President and his administration do not even complain.

The video bellow write Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik in which a young boy says,"I don't know what he died from, but I know it was by the Jews" was first broadcast on November 10, 2009 and rebroadcast on PA TV (Fatah - Abbas)Nov. 10. 2010. They explain:

For this year's annual commemoration of Yasser Arafat's death, PA TV chose to rebroadcast video clips of Palestinian children's messages in honor of Arafat, which included hate speech against Jews.

Several of the selected messages feature children repeating the ongoing Palestinian Authority libel that the Jews killed Arafat by poisoning. One boy first states that Arafat was poisoned by the Jews, but then corrects himself, saying:"Well, I don't know what he died from, but I know it was by the Jews."

The teaching that evil originates with the Jews was the basis for much of the Antisemitism throughout history. It should be stressed that these were prerecorded interviews with the children, yet PA TV chose to include the hate speech in the compilation.

None of the children in the film speaks about peace; in fact, they do the opposite. One boy praises Arafat because he was a"fighter" who"did things through [violent] struggle," and who"did not make peace." The Martyrdom (Shahada) ideal is also chosen as a message in the film, with one boy quoting Arafat:"They want me dead, they want me prisoner, but I say: Martyr, Martyr, Martyr!"

As Palestinian Media Watch reported at the time, this film was first broadcast in 2009 on the fifth anniversary of Arafat's death as part of a televised memorial ceremony.

The boy's comment quoted above,"I know it was by the Jews," and the other children's beliefs that"the Jews" killed Arafat, indicate the PA's success in teaching Palestinian children hate libels and demonization of Jews. The decision by PA TV to rebroadcast this is a further indicator that the PA continues to promote the values of hatred, violence and Martyrdom that the children have adopted.

If anyone needed more evidence that there is no difference between anti-Israel and Antisemitism, this video should provide it. Moreover, this is the way"moderate" Palestinians prepare their people for peace with Israel.

Don't you Israel should share its ancient capital with these trustworthy neighbors?

You would. Wouldn't you?!

After all, you may trust the American superpower to defend you.

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