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Jul 25, 2005 6:14 pm

Electronic Cornucopia of Liberty

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Good things that are now available online:

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Mark Brady - 7/26/2005

Kirzner is overly modest. His book is sadly neglected and deserves the widest readership.

Kenneth R Gregg - 7/26/2005

Ages ago, I mentioned to Kirzner his "Economic Point of View" in the middle of a discussion with about his "entrepreneurial theory of ownership." Explained that I enjoyed it immensely and he kind of pooh-poohed the book as not being overly good. I felt somewhat embarrassed in defending the book from its author, but I believe it is a far better introductory work in economic theory than most Econ 101 books and lacking in the errors of nearly all others.

Also pointed out some of the interesting material by Carl Menger's brother's (Anton Menger) work, "Whole Produce of Labor" to him on Ricardian socialism. Don't know if you are familiar with this work. Of course, one of the primary Ricardian socialists, Thomas Hodgskin, was neither Ricardian nor socialist, but that is another matter.

Very glad to see Lib Forum finally online. It brings back all sorts of memories of that time. "Listen YAF!" and many of Rothbard's best writings were there.

Just a thought.
Just Ken

Roderick T. Long - 7/25/2005

I use "comic book" for the same reason Ayn Rand used "selfishness." :-)

Aeon J. Skoble - 7/25/2005

Please - "graphic novel" ;-)