Nov 15, 2010 12:24 pm


A the new study of faith in America written by Robert Putnam and David Campbell entitled American Grace: How religion Divides and Unites Us includes startling evidence of the politicization of religion in America."The authors show" writes , Christopher Cladwell,"that Americans are more apt to change their religion to “fit” their politics than vice versa." Moreover, notes Bryce Christensen,

the analysis most likely to stir debate illuminates how religion has increasingly separated Republicans from Democrats, conservatives from progressives. Readers may blame the Christian Right for this new cultural fissure, but survey statistics mark liberal congregations as the most politicized.

Perhaps, I should not have written startling. I have experienced such. Still, it is always surprising to see anecdotal evidence statistically confirmed. Upon further consideration, any student of history has always recognized that the prince usually chose the religion to support his political needs. It is just that more and more individuals have the same option and chose to exercise it. Indeed,"at least 40 per cent of American whites have switched out of their parental religion at one point or another."

And it has only just began. I cannot begin to imagine the consequences. Do remember that the young tend to be liberal and adults conservative. Does that mean the end of inter generational worship? Not necessarily since my anecdotal observation leads me to conclude that young Jews who attend synagogues prefer Orthodox to Reform.

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