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Sep 13, 2006 11:14 pm

Some People Have Too Much Free Time

Tom Friedman (1/05):
[F]or Europeans, anti-Americanism is a hobby. For too many in the Muslim world it has become a career.
Fareed Zakaria (8/05):
Like all ideologies, radical Islam is a phenomenon of the educated class. From Muhammad Atta to Mohammed Sidique Khan, almost all suicide bombers have been men who read and write. In V. S. Naipaul's book A Million Mutinies Now, the author interviews a young Hindu fanatic. The man explains his fascistic views, and then Naipaul asks the man's father, who happens to be sitting there, what he thinks. The old man explains that he works at a factory from morning till night and doesn't really have time for these kinds of ideas. Extremist ideology is a leisure-time pursuit [my emphasis].
Postscript (8/7/05): From Time'scover story this week on 13-year-olds:
The whole idea of adolescence as a period of turmoil and rebellion, historians note, could take root only once children were safe from the fields and factories and were growing up in a sheltered settings.

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