Nov 3, 2010 3:23 pm


I cannot wipe the smile off my face. Once again it was proven that far from being broken, the American people make sure that the system works beautifully. Two years ago Americans decided to take a foolish chance on an inexperienced young man called Barack Hussein Obama. They have paid for it dearly. But after two years, the American system sagely provides an opportunity to take out a restraining order thereby limiting the damage that can be wrought by a mistakenly chosen president.

Last night the American people did just that thereby proving that the system works beautifully. Moreover, that it does so because millions of Americans continue to care enough to put on line their life, wealth and sacred honor to make sure that it does. The midterms may have saved a superpower: Americans say no to US decline writes Nile Gardiner. Indeed, America is not a superpower because it is richer or has better weapons. It is a superpower because it is blessed by citizens who care enough to make sure that their ship of state is righted whenever it seems headed off course and operate within a system that does not make the cost of course change prohibitive.

Once again the world, especially the un-free on, can only look in wonder as the young, cocky president is appropriately humbled. As the age old system demands, he is forced to set aside all talk of his political rivals as"enemies" who should sit silently in the back of the bus and promise to cooperate with those rivals for the benefit of the American people.

The meaning of American exceptionalism is in essence nothing more than the freedom guaranteed by the American constitution and the people's continued strong attachment to it.

The icing on the cake. This should put an end to racism charges - Minorities ride GOP wave to groundbreaking wins

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